honest outlaw

“When I first saw this gun-I thought it was too good to be true . . . but this gun is for real. I shot over 1,000 rounds through, half of that suppressed, with zero failures. It was accurate as well . . . It happens to be my wife’s favorite gun.”


“I bought one of your EP9s and absolutely love it! It quickly and unexpectedly became my favorite firearm. Everyone who shoots it comes away smiling and I always draw a crowd at the gun club (one of the range officers asked me last time if I was shooting a full auto). It’s so fast!”


“Let me start by saying thanks for producing such a great gun at a terrific price. I’m pleased in the extreme with my EP9, the light weight and reliability make it my go to weapon for home defense. Having served 8 years as an Army Ranger and weapons specialist, I know how to use and abuse a firearm. I beat the crap out of my EP9 and, it came through with flying colors.”


“I purchased the 9mm this spring and to be honest, it is better than I expected, and I was expecting a lot! I love it! It is the most fun I have had behind a trigger in a long time and has put smiles on the faces of everyone who has shot it. 9mm is one of the most practical and popular rounds ever, and I will keep this gun for the rest of my life.”

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