About Extar

Back in 1995, our group of personnel developed and introduced the first molded polymer, rifle caliber receiver sets to the world. Since then, we have produced receivers and other components for some major manufacturers; these components were all marketed and sold under their own brands.

In 2010, we conceived, developed, and prepared for market the quite unique, EXP pistol platform in 5.56Nato cal. The EXP pistol would be an extremely lightweight, affordable, and reliable platform. The Extar EXP556 was introduced to the market in 2013, with New Frontier Armory selected as a main distribution channel. The EXP556 enjoyed great success and developed quite a following; we are confident that it will continue to be a desirable firearm.

In 2018, we decided to focus our attention and production resources towards the pistol caliber firearm segment. Our team developed the EP pistol platform. Designed to be direct blowback, the EP platform had fantastic reliability and performance, which we innovated upon with our recoil damping system. Our team also developed and patented a last round bolt hold-open for Glock-type magazine fed PDWs, providing ease of use to the platform.

We then launched the EP9, with an exclusive direct-to-consumer distribution model, as to provide a great price and ensure that the most people could enjoy our firearms. With our new products and business model, we could no longer continue production of the EXP556 series, so an agreement was reached with New Frontier Armory to have them acquire the remaining inventory of receiver components and related molded items as to facilitate them assembling and offering EXP556s.

Any interest or inquiry concerning the EXP556 firearm can be directed to New Frontier Armory. As for the Extar EP9 pistol, New Frontier Armory is not involved with that product, so any questions or product support should be directed to this website.

Now, here at Extar, we continue to develop and bring to market firearms that keep in mind our long tradition of innovation, light weight, affordability, extreme fun, and functionality.