Ordering a Firearm

All firearms orders MUST ship to a Federally licensed dealer. If you do not already know of a dealer you prefer, you might find a dealer using our locator below. Dealers marked green on the map are registered with us and you can use them for your order without them having to supply us with their license copy. Dealers marked red on the map or any other dealer not on the map, need to be contacted by you before placing your order, to ask them if they will accept the transfer of your new firearm and forward us a license copy at your request, prior to your firearm shipping. They do not need to provide it prior to you ordering.

Find a Dealer

Call the FFL

If you want to have your firearm delivered to a non-registered dealer (dealers marked by red pins), call the FFL before placing your order, to make sure that they will accept the transfer of your new firearm and initiate your transfer on your behalf by supplying us with a copy of their FFL. Let them know that we are not going to contact them to request their FFL.

Enter the contact information for the dealer/transfer agent for the shipping information while checking out.

Here is our contact info, so that your dealer can send us a copy of their firearms license.

Email: ffl@extarusa.com
Phone: 928-362-8500
Fax: 928-220-8892

We will verify the information you entered before shipping your order. You will receive an email with tracking info once your order ships. Once your firearm arrives at the dealer you can go down and pick it up. Your dealer will make sure you are in compliance with local laws.

Your Order


The dealer who is receiving your pistol for you will receive a printed copy of our FFL in the box. Although not legally required, here is our current license Available in case your dealer wants to either look at it before your order arrives or before sending us their FFL copy to initiate the transfer on your behalf.